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Posture is the window to your child's health!

We have all heard our mom’s say, stand up straight, and don’t slouch.  Have you ever wondered why that is so important? I’ll bet most of the moms wouldn’t even realize how important those words are!  Here is the reason I feel that those words are so important.
The spine is there to protect the nervous system and your nervous system controls every single function of your body.  If the spine goes out of its normal alignment, the nervous system gets interfered with and this can cause the body to “malfunction”.  In children, we may see things like restlessness, sleeplessness, attitude problems, and from tummy aches to headaches.
How do you know if your child could have a misalignment of their spine?  Look at their posture! Start with the ears, look at them from behind and check the earlobes.  Is one side higher than the other? This could be an upper neck misalignment.  Also from behind, look at the level of their shoulders; does one go lower than the other? This could indicate a neck or mid back misalignment.  Then put your index finger on the very top of their hips, again, is one higher than the other? This could be a low back or hip misalignment and can cause knee and feet problems.  Watch them when they walk, does one foot turn in? Do both turn in? This could also indicate a hip misalignment.
Chiropractors are trained in locating these misalignments and correcting them. The younger the child is the greater success there is in actually correcting them to grow up straight and healthy!  A pediatric chiropractor is specially trained in treating children, infants and pregnancy conditions.  Pediatric chiropractors take over 300 hours of postgraduate education and have to sit and pass an international chiropractic pediatric board examination to receive the credentials of DICCP.

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