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Meet Dr. Nancy Elwartowski-Cooper DC DICCP

Dr. Nancy headshot

Dr. Nancy Elwartowski-Cooper

Coming from a family with 21 chiropractors, Dr. Nancy frequently witnessed or heard stories of how the family’s patients were surprised with the success of their care, as they previously did not realize chiropractic could bring them to total health and healing.

“I was really passionate about chiropractic even at a young age,” Dr. Nancy recalls. “I enjoyed watching patients get better and I wanted to be able to help them as the chiropractors in my family did.”

This passion and commitment to providing optimal care for others would follow Dr. Nancy throughout her life, driving her to not only join the field of chiropractors but to become highly specialized within it.

Pursuing Chiropractic

Dr. Nancy attended undergraduate college at Ferris State College studying Pre- Med. After graduating in 1984 with her associate degree in science, she went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. After taking the accelerated program, she graduated with her Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree in December of 1987.

While at Palmer College, Dr. Nancy took many courses outside the regular required courses, including x-ray diagnostics, technique and physical therapy. After graduating she moved to Indianapolis and began her practice on the north side, finally opening her own practice in 1988.

A Passion for Pediatrics

Over the years, Dr. Nancy has taken many postgraduate courses to further her knowledge and remain up to date in treating her patients. During those years, while treating what she likes to call the “big people” and their children, she started to see that kids were getting sick more often and put on more medication.

With seeing the increase in ear infections, colic, reflux, autism and more, her passion grew towards these kids. So for three years, she continued her postgraduate education in pediatrics and in 2005 graduated from Palmer again, took the national board and received her Diplomat in Pediatrics (DICCP). Included in her training was the treatment of pregnant women and becoming Webster certified. She is member of the State Association of Pediatric Council and is board certified in Pediatrics and Pregnancy.

Helping Patients Heal Naturally

What I find most appealing about chiropractic care is the fact that it helps you heal naturally.

Dr. Nancy believes wholeheartedly in natural healthcare, especially for children and continues to encourage patients to think out of the box, by considering natural chiropractic care before medicine.

Her personal experience with the birth of her daughter and how immediate chiropractic care made possible the healthy life her daughter is living today is what inspired Dr. Nancy to focus on babies, children and pregnant women. She is inspired daily to be an even better chiropractor.

Advanced Techniques Used

Infant CFT (cranial fascia technique-the Gillespie approach)
Myofascial Unwinding (John Barnes trained)
Low force adjusting for babies, kids and the adults that request low force
Gonstead Side posture and cervical chair
Webster Technique
Thompson Technique
Gillespie Technique (Special training : Infants) – for inquiries for these special sessions, please text 317-853-6666

On a Personal Note…

Dr. Nancy has been getting adjusted since birth and has never had to take medicines, vaccines, or antibiotics. She enjoys vacationing in anywhere in Michigan, where she and her family enjoy their wave runner on the lakes and snowmobiling. She has miniature dachshund named Brody and a couple cats. She also enjoys watching football and is a big University of Michigan fan.

Give Dr. Nancy a call and schedule your appointment today! (317) 853-6666

Dr. Nancy Elwartowski-Cooper | (317) 853-6666