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Tips for a healthy enjoyable pregnancy!

This week I want to talk about pregnancy and caring for the little one growing inside of you.  I am going to offer a summary of helpful things to do during your pregnancy, this is just a summary and to learn more feel free to ask me, or do some more research.

The first consideration for a health pregnancy is Nutrition:

  • Get three good servings of protein a day from meats, nuts, beans, or eggs.
  • Make sure you are consuming a daily intake of Calcium
  • 30 mg of iron during the second and third trimesters
  • 400mcg of Folic acid starting one month before getting pregnant
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day
  • don’t salt your food, you will get enough sodium in the foods you eat
  • Omega three fatty acids are very important to add to your diet.

The second thing to consider is your biomechanics during pregnancy.  The pelvis and low back go through many changes during pregnancy.  It is very important that they are in line and balanced.  If they are not balanced, this can lead to pain and discomfort for you, but also leads to the position of the baby not being optimal for delivery and may lead to an unplanned c-section.

Chiropractic treatment for pregnant women is safe for both mom and baby.  In my practice I treat many pregnant women and help to alleviate pain and  prevent malposition of the baby, at the time of delivery.  We use the Webster Breech turning technique, which is utilized to balance the pelvis and align it, so the baby delivers head down.

Exercises are also very important while you are pregnant.  I won’t go into specific ones here, but this helps with the alignment of the pelvis, as well as easing the discomfort you may feel as your body changes.

Have a great day and a great pregnancy!

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