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Swimming Pool

I was relaxing next to the swimming pool this past week watching my daughter splashing around and found myself looking around the pool at the kids walking around the pool deck.  As a chiropractor, I find myself looking at postures alot in my spare time.  When someone is in a bathing suit you can really see the postures well. Alot of Myofascial therapists have you come to your session in a bathing suit, so they can see your posture.  So, I am looking at all these crooked little spines, thinking their parents just don’t know!  When I see an adult patient that has degeneration(arthritis) at 20-30 years old, I always ask if there were any serious injuries as a child. Most can’t come up with anything. But, as I look at these crooked little spines, I see future adult patients, because that is when people think going to a chiropractor is normal.  But, if I could get these kids in my office at this age, we could prevent the future appointment where I ask them what trauma they had as a kid that is causing this arthritis in their low back.  You see, if a joint is out of alignment for a prolonged period of time, the disc starts wearing down and your bones start forming spurs. What your body is trying to do is to connect to the bone below it to stabilize itself.  We call this arthritis. So, as you are sitting around the pool, look and see if your child’s spine goes straight up or does it seem to lean a bit to one side. Are their shoulders level? You will be amazed at what you see, if you start looking at your child’s posture.  You have all seen cases of severe scoliosis, which is pretty easy to see, but what I am talking about is very subtle.  Look at your kids a little differently and if they do have some subtle posture changes, get them to a chiropractor now!

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  1. Elijah Titman says
    Apr 02, 2010 at 8:42 PM

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