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Low Back Pain & Working From Home


Millions of Americans are now working from home. So it’s no surprise that we have seen an influx in low back pain in our practice.

It can be quite tempting to lounge on the couch (or bed) and get nice and comfy while working on the laptop. But that “nice and comfy” feeling comes with consequences later!

Here are some tips on how to avoid the dreaded work from home backache.

Don’t sit!

You can stand at a kitchen counter, using a small stool to step on, one leg at a time.  Make sure your laptop or keyboard is level enough for your elbows to be at 90 degrees. This may involve setting it on several books to raise it up.

Walk Around! 

On a call? You aren’t tethered to your desk, move around and talk.

If you have to sit

  • Change positions often
  • Sit on a thick book (under your sit bones) so your knees are lower than your hips. Wrap a towel around the book if it’s uncomfortable.
  • Sit toward the end of your chair and kick your feet back. I like to put my feet on the outside of the legs of the chair. This position will also increase the arch in your low back, taking stress off the joints.
  • Sit on a Ball!
  • Kneel On the floor or squat

Sitting in a comfy living room chair or couch?

  • Put a pillow behind your low back and under your knees (if they are propped up on the couch)

Another way to work or just to take a break:

  • Lay on the floor- stomach or back


Take a walk around the house and stretch your chest!  Looking down a lot will cause a forward head posture.

  • Place your arms in the door jams, lean forward, and stretch those pecs.
  • Reach to the top of the door jam and lean forward to get a different stretch. You can also do this in the corner of a room.

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