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Ear Infections!

You are at your witts end, you have searched all the remedies on the internet and you feel helpless!  Somewhere online you read about chiropractic care helping ear infections.  I just wanted to explain a little bit about what I find in my office and how I treat children with ear infections.

There are many reasons that an ear infection can come on in an infant or child. No two children are the same, but there are some common denominators that I have found over the years of treating children.  The two main things are a mechanical and/or milk sensitivity.  What I mean about mechanical is; the biomechanics of the spine or cranium is altered and fluid can not drain.  This usually occurs at the base of the skull or behind the eyes to the ears.  Look at your child’s eyes and to see if one looks larger than the other, does one eyebrow look higher than the other, do they prefer to turn their head one way verses the other, is their head tilted a bit or are the muscles at the base of the skull tight?  These are just two common things that occur that a parent can see for themselves.  Obviously, there is more to it, but you as a parent may be able to tell if there might be a mechanical component involved.
When I meet with the parents of a child experiencing ear infections, I look at many things, including what the child is eating along with  biomechanics, as well as their environment. (daycare, exposed to second hand smoke, etc)  Then I thoroughly discuss what I find and what we can do about it, naturally.  The treatment I use is myofascial release, cranial sacral work and maybe some very gentle spinal adjusting depending on the response to the first two techniques.

I was working on a 18 month old today that did sign language and while I was performing his treatment at one point he would push my hand away, then a few seconds later he would do the “more” sign with his hands, then I would return to what I was doing  We did this several times until I felt we were done. So, he was able to communicate with me and actually enjoyed his treatment. ( I let the little ones get away with telling me what to do.)

As chiropractors, we look to cause of disease.

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