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Cow's Milk? Is it really that good for your child?

In my practice I see so many conditions in children that a simple adjustment just can’t help.
So, I have had to do alot of research and studying. There are 3 things that cause ill health.

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Chemical

1. Chiropractors address the physical part of health by adjusting the spine to remove nerve interference. Most everyone knows that without nerve flow, our bodies wouldn’t work.

2. Assuming the child is in a loving nurturing environment, this should not be an issue this early in life. But, that is another thing to consider.

3. Chemical, this is where the imbalance seems to take place. And what the focus of this blog post is about.

When a baby is born they look so pure and natural, it is hard to believe there could be anything wrong with them. But, this baby has been exposed to all the chemicals mom has been carrying around in her body. Yes, when you are pregnant you eat better, you stay away from alcohol and you may even give up cigarettes. But, is your food pure? Does it contain pesticides, hormones or other toxins? And how did you treat your body before you were even pregnant? So, mom has toxins in her body that can be passed down to her child. Don’t feel guilty, that is not my intention. I just want you to realize how toxins play a role in the health of your baby.

So, now your pure child could be born with some toxins from mom. Then they get their Hep B shot right away (more toxins), they may get formula (additives and chemicals=toxins) or they are breastfed and mom takes up her old ways of eating or not (more toxins).

This 8 pound bundle of joy has a lot going on in their little body. Not only are they trying to develop and grow, but now their immune system has to start working immediately to rid their body of all the toxins. One of the portals for ridding toxins is through our skin. Have you ever seen a baby that is a few weeks old with redness on their skin?

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